OTM Essay 5: Opportunity Knocks!

A complaint I hear all the time is that the voice-over business is very cliquey. This implies that people in the industry are in some sort of gang having secret meetings on Sunday nights about how to keep at the work for themselves. Of course, none of this is true.

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OTM Essay 4: The Voice-over Demo

The biggest barrier for people to get into the voice-over business is producing their own demo. Let me tell you why. Recording a voice-over demo – where it’s your commercial, animation, or narration – is like producing a mini album. You start by creating the content, for example: if you’re

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OTM Essay 3: The Trajectory of a Voice-actor

I think one of the most important factors to staying with anything that’s difficult is having a love for what you’re doing. The most important factor when staying with something difficult is to have a love of doing it. Before I’d even booked my first voice-over job I had a

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OTM Essay 1: The Lead Voice – You are the lead voice!

In voice-over the moment you put your demo out there – you are considered a lead voice.   You are the lead voice in the commercial representing Honda – you’re the voice of their brand – they’ve spent millions of dollars on the advertising campaign and your voice is the one they

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