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Financial Aid

[In Studio] Tuition for Domestic students is CAD$14,000 and for International students it’s CAD$16,500.

[Online] Tuition for both Domestic and International students is CAD$12,000. Below is a breakdown of when fees are due.

Application fee of $150 is due when you submit your application form.

The commitment fee is $1000, and is due within 15 days following acceptance into the program and is a down payment on your tuition which secures your spot in the program.

Students will need to actively communicate leading up to the program start date about their tuition payments:

  • If commitment is made more than 60 days prior program start date, then students needs to have discussed with the Program Coordinator about how the student will be paying their tuition by 60 days of Program start date
  • If commitment is made less than 60 days prior to program start date, then students needs to have discussed with the Program Coordinator about how the student will be paying their tuition by 30 days of start date
  • If commitment is made less than 30 days prior to program start date, then students needs to have discussed with the Program Coordinator about how the student will be paying their tuition as soon as the student enrollment contract is signed

Financial Support Options

  • Student Loans
  • RRSPs – Lifelong Learning Plan
  • Bank – Student Line of Credit
  • RESPs
  • Student Line of Credit
  • Student Payment Plans

Methods of Payment

  • By Phone: Toll Free 604-669-0654 with Credit Card.
  • By Mail: Cheque, Money Order, Bank Draft
  • By Email: Online Banking Email Transfer to, please also send a separate email including password, student name, and what the payment is for.
  • By Wire: Email

Canadian Government Student Loans

The Government of Canada offers Student Loans to post-secondary students in most provinces and territories across Canada if you are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.

For information on Canada Student Loan programs see link below:

Canadian Student Loan Information


For specific information by province;

BC Student Loans


Alberta Student Loans


Saskatchewan Student Loans


Manitoba Student Loans


Ontario Student Loans


Quebec Student Loans


New Brunswick Student Loans


Nova Scotia Student Loans


Prince Edward Island Student Loans


Newfoundland & Labrador Student Loans


Yukon Student Loans


Northwest Territories Student Loans


Nunavut Student Loans


Repayment of Canada Student Loans

When you graduate from On The Mic Training, it is time to start repaying your loan. For the first six months after you leave school, you will not have to make payments to your Canada Student Loan or your provincial student loan. This is called your six month non-repayment period. During this period, interest does accumulate at prime interest rate. Please see link below for more information on loan repayment.

The Canadian Government will help keep your loan in good standing by working with you when you need assistance with loan repayment. For more information about loan repayment assistance, click the link:

RRSPs – Lifelong Learning Plan

RRSPs are also an option for educational funding. The Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) allows you to withdraw up to $20,000 from your RRSPs ($10,000 Annually) to finance full-time training or education for you or your spouse. You must be accepted at On The Mic Training with a written offer to enroll (before March of the following year in a qualifying educational program. Borrowing from yourself means no interest charges like traditional loans. But you still need to repay the full amount or else you’ll be taxed on it. The Canada Revenue Agency will send you a “Statement of Account – Lifelong Learning Plan” every autumn listing repayments made, the balance yet to be repaid and the minimum repayment for the next year. Usually, each year you have to repay 1/10 of the total amount you withdrew until the full amount is repaid.


Registered Educational Savings Plans are available for On The Mic Training students. On The Mic Training is a Designated Educational Institution where you may redeem your RESP funding. Please contact your RESP provider or Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) at 1-800-622-6232 for further information.

Bank Student Line of Credit

Access funds while attending On The Mic Training to cover tuition, textbooks and other daily personal expenses. The minimum amount is typically $5,000, maximum $15,000 for first year and is based on your needs, and ability to repay and possible required co-signer. Repayment can be made via an interest-only payment option while you are a student and for one year after graduation.

Canadian Banks that have Student Line of Credit Options;

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