Start a Career in Voice-over for Animation, Commercials, Video Games, Narration, Dubbing and Audiobooks!

Application Requirements

Student Requirements

  • Completion of a High School Diploma or equivalency.
  • Students must be at least 18 years old at the time of the start of the program, if a student is applying as a minor they will need their parents to fill out the ‘Parental Consent’ section of the admissions application form.
  • Students must show an English proficiency meeting one of the following criteria: A grade of C or higher in senior level English e.g. English 12, A 4 or higher in International Baccalaureate English, post secondary course completion with a C or higher in English, or a 5 or higher average on the IELTS test, or a minimum of 75 points on the TOEFL english proficiency test or equivalency.
  • Payment of student application fee ($150) via e-transfer or by credit using the button on the apply now page.
  • Completion of application form with all mandatory fields completed.
  • Submission of an Essay of Intention, Audition Recordings, and an Interview. (see below)

Essay of Intention

  • Students will submit a typed 250 – 500 word personal essay submitted as a word document covering the following 4 topics:
  • ‘Why I want to have a career in voice-over’.
  • ‘A time when I was challenged personally in my life and how I pushed through to overcome it’.
  • ‘Why I am suited to a career in voice-over and I am most interested in one of the following: animation or commercial voice-over’.
  • ‘My dream job in voice-over’.

Audition Recordings

  • Students will submit an MP3 recording of a 30 second animation character voice and a 30 second commercial read.
  • These recordings should be in MP3 format.
  • These recordings should be labelled with the following information; student name, content of recording, and program period being applied to. Here are two examples: StudentName_Animation_Fall or StudentName_Commercial_Spring


  • If a student meets all the admissions requirements and properly sends the essay and recordings, we will organize a Skype or Zoom video interview to further evaluate the student. Students will be interviewed by the Program Coordinator, interviews will be 10 – 20 minutes long and feature 10 questions. Students will need access to the following to complete the interview:
    • A computer with Webcam and microphone or a smartphone or tablet with a camera and microphone included.
    • A Skype or Zoom account

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