Comprehensive Voice-over Training Diploma (In Studio)

Graduate with the skills and confidence to compete anywhere in the world!

Program start dates:​
March 29th 2021
September 27th 2021

THE COMPREHENSIVE VOICE-OVER TRAINING DIPLOMA will train you in every aspect of voice-over.

OTM Curriculum

The CVOT Diploma curriculum has evolved and developed over the last 12 years to make On The Mic Training the only voice-over specific school in the English speaking world to offer a full time program that is government accredited.

On The Mic Training holds a designation certificate under the Private Training Act

The Comprehensive Voice-over Training Diploma was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

OTM Interviews with students of the program

OTM Studios

STUDIO A: All voice-over classes take place in Studio A, which is an industry standard 650 sq. ft voice-over studio, that can host up to 10 students on 10 mics simultaneously. Studio A is equipped with all standard industry function capabilities including animation ensemble pre-lay recording, dubbing to picture, and all other essential capabilities.

STUDIO B: This 2 person recording booth and sizeable control room is perfect for students to practice their homework, practice recording software, mixing, editing and voice directing techniques, prep for demo records, and record auditions.

MULTI-SPACE: All classes such as voice and movement, acting for voice-over, business of voice-over that don’t require a microphone are held in this bright and multi-functional space.

OTM Instructors

OTM instructors are some of the most successful voice-over performers in North America, all with internationally recognized careers who are connected to the pulse of the industry and understand that voice-over is a fashionable business. Students are taught in a way that most resembles the expectations of the industry to mirror what it’s like to be a professional voice-over performer.

Get a Head Start

Application Requirements

Completion of a High School Diploma or equivalency, must be 18+, Essay of Intention, Audition Recordings, Interview.

Housing and Transportation

We do not provide student housing, luckily there are many options close to public transit for a student budget that are less than an hour from the school.

International Students Welcome

Students from all over the world travel to Vancouver to attend our Full-Time Comprehensive Voice-over In-Studio Program which is 6 months long.

Financial Aid and Educational Funding

RRSPs – Lifelong Learning Plan Bank - Student Line of Credit RESPs Student Line of Credit Student Payment Plans

OTM Mission

It is our mission to graduate each student with the skills and confidence to be a legitimate success in whatever market (home market/on-line) they choose to enter and whichever avenue of voice-over they choose to pursue (animation, commercials, narration, video games, dubbing and audiobooks). Each student will be proficient at home studio recording, know how to obtain agency representation, conduct their own negotiations, implement marketing techniques, understand rates and have the tools that will make them unique. Students will be completely prepared to sustain a global career in voice-over!


March 29th 2021 – September 24th 2021

FALL 2021

September 27th 2021 – March 25th 2022

Please contact Harrison at or 604-669-0654 or fill out this form for questions about the program and enrolment.

Animation – Pre-lay Animation

Commercials – Radio and Television Commercials, Pre-roll, On-line

Narration – Documentary Series/Movies, Corporate, E-learning, Website, 

Audio Books – Fiction and Non-fiction

Dubbing and A.D.R – 2D and 3D Dubbing for Animé, live action A.D.R, A.D.R for foreign films

Video Game Voice-over – Triple A games, Indie games, Mobile games

Acting for Voice-over – Scene Study, script interpretation, learning to make strong choices

Voice and Movement – Empowering the Voice and Body

Accents and Dialects – Global study and practice of numerous regional accents 

Business of Voice-over (BOVO) – Recording software, agents, negotiating, marketing/branding, on-line work

The MP3 Audition Class – How to submit competitive auditions and self direct from your home studio

Improv – Creating new characters, discovering the scene, learning to think on your feet

Domestic:  $13,500

International: $16,000

Materials and equipment estimate: $500

Program Duration: 6 Months (24 Weeks)

Class Hours: 9 am – 1 pm or 1:30 – 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday

*Students will graduate with an industry competitive demo valued at $1000.

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