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Part-Time Online Voice-over Courses

We offer a large range of courses, this guide will help you know where to start or continue your training.

    Business of Voice-over

  • ONLINE%20Marketing%20your%20voice.png

    Online - Marketing your voice

    1 day workshop, 7 hours
    Learn the business of voice-over: agents, branding, negotiating and where the opportunities lie.
    From $159.00
  • ONLINE%20Online%20Voice-over%20Casting%20Platforms.png

    Online - Understanding Online Voice-over Casting Platforms

    1 day workshop, 7 hours
    Learn strategies to help you succeed with online pay-to-play sites.
    From $189.00
  • ONLINE%20Mastering%20your%20Home%20Studio.png

    Online - Mastering your Home Studio

    1 day workshop, 7 hours
    Learn how to prepare for and set up your home studio based on budget and space constraints
    From $209.00
  • ONLINE%20Sound%20Design%20for%20Voice-over.png

    Online - Sound Design for Voice-over

    1 night a week for 4 weeks
    Learn how to edit and design yourself for auditions and bookings
    From $375.00

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