Express Yourself Through Voice-over

The Inside Story on the Money You Can Earn in Voice-over

Comparing a career in voice-over vs film and TV is interesting. Both fall under the same media umbrella, yet the difference between the two is staggering.

I created a chart comparison of the two. It contains several categories that covers a range of factors including: time, money, and opportunity. I answered each as fairly and objectively as I can. This is all from my personal experience and perspective. Performance art is a passion, but it is also a business – show business. It’s about making the best use of your time, and making sure you fulfilled and taken care of financially.


That wraps up the comparisons. As I said before this is from my own experience, and I’ve found success and enjoyment in both avenues.

You can take lessons from voice-over and apply them on camera, and that works both ways.

Whatever your preference is, just remember the key is to always get better, it’s worked for me!

Until next time – stay On The Mic.

I’ll see you in class.


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