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part-time courses and workshops

Flexible, playful, work on your craft at your own pace. But still work towards competing in the voice-over industry.

Take advantage of our fully equipped studios or train online from anywhere in the world!

We offer a large range of courses, this guide will help you know where to start or continue your training.

Part-time Courses FAQs

We offer a range of in studio, in person, and online workshops, the cost depends on the instructor, duration, whether an engineer is required, and home much preparation is required for classes.

  • Adult in studio courses – $545 – $600 + Tax
  • Adult in person courses – $375 – $450 + Tax
  • Adult online courses – $399 – $450 + Tax
  • Kids and Teens in person courses – $359 – $549
  • Kids and Teens online courses – $299 – $349
  • Business of Voice-over seminars – $159 – $209 + Tax
  • Professional level hybrid VIP workshops – $575 – $699 + Tax

You can register for our classes on the class page for the course. You can see a list of all online, Vancouver in studio, and Toronto in studio courses under our part-time classes navigation. If you see a class you’re interested in that doesn’t have a date listed, you are welcome to register interest and suggest a time using the ‘register interest’ button on the class page.

Students can either pay in full when registering or pay a 50% deposit then pay the other half before the start of their class. We expect 100% of the class to be paid up by the 1st day of class unless otherwise discussed.

  • If you cancel 14 days before the class, you receive 100% of your payment back .
  • If you cancel  7-13 days before the class, you receive 50% of your payment back.
  • If you cancel six days or less before the class, no refund will be given.
  • If we cancel a class, your deposit may be applied to any other class OR a full refund will be given. *Cancellation refunds are subject to an $8.29 admin fee.

A student who misses a class can either make it up by: auditing the classes missed in the next round or participate ONLY if the class is not sold out. No refunds or make-ups will be given otherwise.

Most classes are 1 night a week for 4 weeks, although you’ll occasionally see a class offered twice a week for 2 weeks. Our 4 week classes are usually 14 hours in total, sometimes a class might be under enrolled and we will offer students the class to run a slightly abridged class that maintains the performance time of all students registered.

We also offer weekend workshop versions of some classes. Some kids and teen’s run for 6 weeks with breaks for long weekends. The duration of the class should be listed on the class page. We also offer 1 day business seminars such as ‘Marketing Your Voice’ or ‘Mastering your Home Studio’.

The duration should be listed in the description of the class.

Our Vancouver studio is located at 101 Powell Street which is on the corner of Powell and Columbia. We are one block East of the center of Gastown and bout a 5 minute walk from WaterFront Station. The entrance is on the left side of the alcove just past the corner. We are open for office hours from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Our part-time classes are held in the evenings and during the day on weekends. Please call the office at 604 669 0654 or email us at if you would like to come in for a tour of the school.

Our Toronto in studio courses are usually hosted at Supersonics Post Production in Downtown Toronto on 135 Berkeley Street.

Foundations is offered every month as both a week night class and a weekend workshop. Most other classes are offered every other month. Some specialty and advanced classes are only offered twice a year.

Read out loud every day for at least 10 minutes. This may sound silly but hearing your own voice will improve your comfort and performance in class. It will also help you lift words off the page more easily when performing scripts. 

When you attend class we recommend you wear comfortable clothes that won’t make too much noise when you move, bring a reusable water bottle, and refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or smoking before class if you are going to be in the studio.

Unfortunately because of the way the programs are built, the only way to earn the diploma is to complete the diploma program which is a 6 month intensive where students complete 20 hours of class a week.

Yes! We have our main studio setup so you can join remotely via zoom for any in studio course, just make sure the instructor and engineer know in advance of the date. If you see an in-studio date on the website you can register and attend as a remote student for the whole duration if that’s easiest for you.

We have a few way to gauge the skill level and needs of students, the first step should be to check out our ‘where should I start’ page. We can also schedule a career planning session if you still have questions, just click the ‘request a free session’ button on almost any page of our website..

Part-time Online Courses

Both our online and in studio classes follow a pre-written curriculum and teach the same learning objectives although each instructor brings their own flavor and experience to the course. The main difference is that in online classes, students are responsible for having a space are home where they can perform and be directed. When taking in studio classes students come into a professional studio to perform and be directed so they aren’t responsible for having any equipment.

Our courses really fall into 2 types, performance classes and business classes. In performance classes like Foundations of Voice-over for examples, the session usually starts with a brief discussion about the material for the day before moving into performance time where students take turns performing and being directed. We recommend having a notebook and pen at the ready to take down observations. 

In business classes students usually focus on taking notes from lecture materials, take part in discussions and Q&A’s, and in some cases take part in mock exercises in branding and letter writing.

Our technical classes are similar to the business classes but usually involve more technical direction and in some cases live demonstrations and homework submission.

For our entry level classes we are not expecting students to have an existing home recording setup or top shelf webcam. If you have a laptop or iPad with webcam and microphone included that will do just fine for business classes or Foundations classes. If you do have a USB microphone or home studio setup then that just means the instructor can get a better understanding of your voice and delivery.

If you plan to take a few online courses it’s highly recommended that you invest in some basic gear including a microphone, headphones, mic and music stand, maybe even some recording software.

For some insight into great entry level equipment for students and performers, check out our gear recommendations page.

I encourage you to make a zoom account and do a test call with a friend with both audio and video to see if your connection can handle the class. If you notice your video is stuttering and you are experiencing dropouts try moving closer to your wireless router or plug directly in to the router.

We host out online classes on Zoom which allows us to closely replicate the sense of 1 to 1 between the students and instructor that we pride ourselves on in studio. I encourage you to make a zoom account before class as do a test call with a friend to familiarize yourself with the layout.

Most of our part-time courses take place place in the evening from 6:30 – 10 pm or on weekends from 10 am – 5:30 pm.

We have courses that run in both pacific time or eastern time to please be sure to double check the time zone of your class before registering. You are welcome to take whichever course best fits your schedule.

Students are encouraged to record locally during class so they can listen back after class. This can be done by recording on their phone or downloading free software like Audacity and recording themselves during class.

If a course is a hybrid delivery where some students are in person, students will be sent a copy of all their course recordings as we record zoom directly into our DAW using our sound console.

Although we don’t require you to have one, the more you can replicate an in studio setup the more effective the class feedback will be. A free standing microphone stand means you can stand up straight and fully engage your body when you perform. A music stand will help avoid paper ruffles through your microphone.

If you plan to take more intermediate or advanced courses we highly recommend you invest in some basic equipment so your instructors can hear you more clearly and give you more targeted feedback.

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