Part-Time Voice-over Courses: Where do I start?

Where do I start?

We offer a large range of classes, so it can be hard to know where to start with training. We hope this guide helps you with your choice.

For most of the students who are starting courses at our school Foundations of Voice-over offers the perfect venue to explore and expand your voice-over skills in a fun but productive environment. Students will week by week explore different areas of main stream voice-over including characters, commercials, and narration including the basics of what it means to be a voice-over professional. We offer the course both online and in studio.

Where do I go after Foundations?

A general rule to follow is that any of the level 1 classes are a great next step depending on your interest. Classes that don’t have a level associated with them are also great follow up classes. Note that past Foundations of Voice-over, our classes specialize in specific areas, business classes have a 100% focus on business and industry where performance classes will only briefly cover industry and technical topics.

What If l already have voice-over or extensive acting / broadcasting experience?

For students who already have some experience it may be more productive for you to jump right into the Level 1, 2 or 3 classes. Although these classes are numbered and there is a logical flow from intermediate into advanced classes, voice-over learning can be non-linear so some rather experienced students may benefit hugely from working on their creative process in the level 1 classes, or may benefit from some professional feedback in the level 2 classes.

Should I take part-time classes or the full-time program?

It’s common for students to take part-time classes only to later jump into the full-time program after they dive deeper into the training. If you are looking for a fully entrenched, all encompassing learning experience where you learn everything we have to offer. The full-time program has an amazingly detailed curriculum. If you’d rather go at your own pace and take classes in the evenings and weekends, the part-time classes are a great way to learn.

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