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Online – Developing Light/Comedic Commercial Reads – Level 2


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Develop the wheelhouse and Comedic, Guy/Girl next door, fun & light, wry dry cheeky, retail, comedic character.

Why this class?

  • Learn a greater understanding of how to deliver effective retail reads
  • Learn which commercial characters you do best and have a chance to play and make mistakes to see how far you can push your performances
  • Walk away with a new confidence within your commercial character wheelhouse in terms of your choices and performance
  • Learn how to "weave" the character with other characters in the copy

Students who sign up more than 60 days from the start of a class can receive 5% off the course class cost by using the code: EARLYBIRDPT

[Developing Light/Comedic Commercial Reads - Level 2] does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB). As such. The registrar did not review this program.


Building the Commercial Read - Level 1 or outside commercial voice-over training and experience.

This class will assume that you already understand your general character range.

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