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This fun-filled improv class is designed to give you an opportunity to explore improvising in character and give you the tools needed to lift scenes off the page—even ones without dialogue! Through in-class exercises, improve your ability to tell a story and gain confidence while performing.

Improv will also help with your comedic timing, spontaneous expression, and ability to improv in character for prelay animation and video game voice-over. Learn to work more effectively with other performers by becoming a better listener. You will leave the class with a basic understanding of the foundations of improv and the confidence to bring these skills into the booth.


  • Work with professionally trained improv coach

  • Learn the basics of improv through exercises and discussion

  • Learn the importance of creating a consistent environment in an improv scene

  • Learn how the use of space can help inform the scene and characters

  • Learn how to make strong choices quickly and create memorable characters

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