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How do I get started in voice-over?

Why study at On The Mic Training?

Voice-over is fun to learn and a creatively rewarding career, even on the worst days. This school is always evolving with the industry, adapting as the industry adapts.

The most challenging part of starting in voice-over is overcoming the fear of failure and being judged. We encourage you to feel comfortable with failure – it is a natural part of finding out what works and what doesn’t work. There is no right or wrong answer, what matters is the interpretation that you’re aiming for! The industry likes to hear variety, so everyone’s interpretation is unique and worthy to hear. Your true success is determined by how comfortable you become in your true self expression.

To get work you have to give it 100% effort to get your foot in the door. It takes a lot of practice, focus, understanding your voice and what it can do for others.

You don’t need to be an actor to get started. This career used to be a side job for actors, and now it’s a main career for many.

Should I take part-time classes or the diploma program?

If you want a fully entrenched and all encompassing experience where you learn everything we have to offer; the diploma program’s detailed curriculum is for you. If you’re looking to go at your own pace and attend class in the evening and weekends, then part-time classes are a great way to learn. It’s common for students to take part-time classes and later take the diploma program after diving deeper into their training. 

Comprehensive Voice-over Training Diploma Program

6 months, 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, day-time
6 Voice-over Performance Types
6 Skills Courses
Train In-Studio or Online

Animation Voice-Over
Commercial Voice-Over
Videogame Voice-Over
Dubbing & ADR
Narration Voice-Over
Audiobook Voice-Over
Accents and Dialects
Acting for Voice-Over
Business of Voice-Over
Voice and Movement
MP3 Audition
Improv for Voice-Over

Why take the diploma program?

  • Train in a highly focused environment for 6 months and graduate with a competitive demo
  • Learn how to become a global voice-over professional competing for work in 6 major avenues: Commercials, Animation, Narration, Video games, Audio books and Dubbing
  • Learn how to set up and use a home studio and recording equipment on a variety of budgets
  • Learn the performance skills that will enhance your voice-over such as acting, voice and movement, improv and accents
  • Learn the business and marketing skills you need to promote yourself and the knowledge of where to find the work
  • Learn how to submit professional sounding MP3 auditions with respect to performance and sound quality to book work in a variety of mediums (home market agent, online)
  • Participate in an agent showcase after your program is complete where your demo, website, resume will be sent to agents and you’ll get to audition live in front of voice-over agents.

Is it possible to do the diploma program part-time?

To participate in the diploma program you’ll need to make yourself available for 20 hours of class a week. We’ve had plenty of students work while taking the program but it requires advanced planning, we are now offering an evening diploma program for working professionals who want to keep their day jobs while pursuing voice-over in a focused and disciplined way. If you are not sure how you’ll be able to handle the course load of the diploma program, consider starting with part-time evening/weekend courses to get started in voice-over education, then if you want to go full-time there are loans and grants we can help you find to attend full-time.

Part-Time Courses Training Path

Learn at your own pace
Evening courses and weekend workshops
Work on what you want to work on, it’s up to you!
Train In-Studio or Online

Where do I start in voice-over training?

We offer a large range of classes, so it can be hard to know where to start with training. We hope this guide helps you with your choice.

For most students starting at our school the Foundations Of Voice-over is the perfect venue to explore and expand your voice-over in a fun, educational, and productive environment. Week by week students explore different areas of mainstream voice-over including; characters, commercials, narration, and the basics of what it means to be a voice-over professional. We offer the course both online and in studio (Vancouver or Toronto).

Where do I go after Foundations?

Any of our level 1 classes or classes with no level associated with them are a great next step, but it depends on your interests. Foundations of Voice-over offers generalized voice-over training, while our other classes specialize in specific areas. Business classes focus entirely on the business and industry, while performance classes briefly touch on industry and technical topics.

What if I already have voice-over or extensive acting / broadcasting experience?

If you already have experience it may be more productive for you to jump right into a Level 1, 2, or 3 class. While the classes are numbered and do range from intermediate to advance, voice-over learning can be non-linear. Experienced students may benefit from working on their creative process in the level 1 classes, or find it useful to jump right into level 2 for some professional feedback.

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