Express Yourself Through Voice-over

Aven Shore

Aven Shore is living a dream come true, narrating all types of books from her home studio nestled in the woods. She has narrated over 150 audiobooks for publishers and independent authors, and she thrives on voicing strong female characters … and dragons. Getting to narrate an endless variety of books, from non-fiction and sci-fi/fantasy to young adult and romance, means that getting in the booth is always interesting. Her lifelong (and voracious) appetite for reading and learning is constantly fueled by reading for a living! When taking a break from the mystical arts of voiceweaving, she whispers to chickens and sings to bees.

Why Voice-over?

The written word is a magical form of communication, and I get to intimately participate in the delivery of books, translating and interpreting an author's intentions into audio. It is a sublime responsibility!

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