Express Yourself Through Voice-over

Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz has been an actor for over 20 years in Toronto, Vancouver and NYC. He has worked in radio, television, theatre, animation and video games in that time and made excellent use of being bilingual in Spanish and English. Over the past 12 years his work has been particularly focussed on voice-over and animation, appearing in shows like “The Cat in the Hat”, “Hero Elementary” and “Max & Ruby”. He then began coaching actors to prepare them for voice-over auditions and work. Carlos has worked as a private dialect coach for actors in film and television shows like “Black Summer”, and for high profile projects like Ubisoft’s “FarCry 6” which required a Spanish accent. Over the past couple of years his young daughter also discovered a love for voice-over, and he’s found that it skyrocketed her confidence for the same reasons it did his, the opportunity to let go, be yourself and to really focus on your performance and character choices. Voice work has given him not only a career that he loves, but many alternative ways of working with it as well.

Why Voice-over?

I love the breadth and depth of work that voice-over encompasses, and the level of creativity that it allows the actor.

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