Express Yourself Through Voice-over

Darryl Hogan

Darryl started his career in the world of voice over 21 years ago as a booth director and audio engineer at one of the country’s top talent agencies in his late teens. Darryl has expanded his broad knowledge of the voice over industry working as a voice agent, audio engineer, VO demo producer, voice director, VO consultant, V.O. coach, and has even lent his voice professionally as a voice performer to various productions. Added to this, is his strong skill set in I.T and telecommunications as well as his love for problem solving, Darryl is well versed in V.O. Tech. Darryl is currently a Technical Director, Voice Casting Director, and V.O. Coach at KH Voice.

Why Voice-over?

The voice plays an important role in both our economy and progress as a society. There will always be stories to tell and messages to be delivered, for as long as civilization exists, and the voice is the most versatile instrument to be used for doing so.

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