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Ivan Sherry

Ivan has spent almost 20 years in VO. In the last several, he has performed in more than a dozen AAA video games as well as founding and running MoCapU, teaching performance in gaming to professional actors. Outside gaming, Ivan is recording a lead in the cartoon “Saving Me” and has just recorded a pilot for another new series. He voices Drac in Season 2 of
“Hotel Transylvania – The Animated Series” and is the voice of the rebooted “Inspector Gadget”, among many other credits. Ivan has voiced commercials for many global brands including banks, cars, food, drink, lotteries, charities, and human rights as well as narrated for the CBC, Science North, and the National Film Board of Canada.

Why Voice-over?

In VO, we have no restrictions in character. We can be vampires or vacuum cleaners, dinosaurs or dingbats, superheroes or sausages. And the VO community is the best!

Ivan Sherry

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