Express Yourself Through Voice-over

Kim Hurdon

Kim Hurdon is a voice casting/director with thirty years of experience under her belt, has appeared as a voice specialist on TV, radio and in print, and has been dubbed “The Queen Of Voice” by ACTRA.

She is the pre-eminent voice director for video games in Toronto and has worked on many of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises, including: Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Watchdogs, and Assassin’s Creed.

Kim is a judge for the Daytime Emmys for Best Animation VO. Her own animation credits include: Molly of Denali, Ollie‘s Pack, The Remarkable Mr. King, D.N.Ace, Blues Clues and You, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, PURST: Agent Binky, Rusty Rivets and Max & Ruby.

Her commercial credits are too long to list so let’s just say she’s worked on every single brand you can think of. Any vehicle, any bank, any fast food, any pain med, you get the idea …

Over the past two years Kim’s company; KH Voice, has expanded dramatically and now employs 7 voice casting/directors whom, all told, bring well over a hundred years of experience to the table. If you need anything voice related, Kim can help you out.

Why Voice-over?

It’s the best genre in all of acting! No physical limitations whatsoever. You create who you want to be and what that person or character sounds like. It’s magical.

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