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Krystal Meadows

Krystal Meadows is a Toronto based actor, VO coach and creative spark. She is a Gemini* nominated voice actor with over 15 years of industry experience, working on a variety of animated series as lead, supporting and recurring characters. Her unique experience working as a voice direction assistant and record assist on numerous animated series and casting sessions have given her valuable insights into what it takes to succeed as a voice actor. If Krystal had a superpower it would be courage, which she can transfer to those around her; championing actors to take risks, be spontaneous and take their character to the next level!

Krystal is a graduate of George Brown Theatre School and Vancouver Film School.
*The Gemini’s are now The Canadian Screen Awards.

Why Voice-over?

It doesn’t get any better than letting loose and exploring the wonderful array of characters that are the smorgasbord of animation VO!!! I’m continually stretching my imagination and I love it!

Krystal Meadows

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