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Michael Daingerfield

As the voice of many major brands, documentary series, animated characters and more, Michael Daingerfield’s voice appears all over the world on a daily basis. Michael is currently the voice of Vick’s (Dayquil, Nyquil, Super C, Zzzquil Ultra, Honey Lemon Chill, Vapocool Drops, Sinex, Hot Remedy, Restorative Herbal Sleep, Zquil Nightpain), Travelers Insurance, Northern Trust, Jensen Jewellers, Credelio Plus and Honda.

He’s currently the narrator on Rust Valley Restorers S4, Top Ten Weather Disasters and Mayday Air Disasters.

In animation he’s plays Patchy on Disney’s Gigantosaurus and Captain America on Lego Marvel Avengers. And look for Michael’s voice in the upcoming animated series’ Polly Pocket and The Guava Juice Show.

Michael is the Promo voice for Doom Patrol on HBO Max and The 80’s Top Ten on National Geographic.

In Video Games Michael is best known for his portrayal as the main zombie in the Plants Vs Zombies franchise, as well as Dead Rising 3 and Need for Speed.

In Anime’ Michael is best known for playing Gintoki Sakata in Gintama which just released its feature film in theatres this past year entitled Gintama: The Final.

You may also recognize Michael as the voice of Ritz, Sling, Cortizone 10, NBC, Xfinity, Central Bank, Quaker, Nescafe, The Brick, Spectrum Reach and Nautilus, and as characters in the animated series’ Ace Ventura, Lego Star Wars, My Little Pony, The Hollow, Super Monsters, Monster Beach, George of the Jungle, Iron Man, Inuyasha, Kid vs Kat, Geronimo Stilton, Leap Frog, Barbie Movies and Nerds and Monsters. And as the narrator from My Floating Home, Ice Pilots NWT and Cabin Truckers.

Why Voice-over?

Having the freedom to do as many voices as possible in multiple genres.

Featured Work:

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