Express Yourself Through Voice-over

Mikal Grant


  • One Plus One Michael Sara and Gil
  • Speed The Plow Bobby Gould Terminal Theatre
  • Mental The Musical Dr. Gary Pointer Paige 18 Productions
  • The Musical of Musicals Jidder Fighting Chance Productions
  • With A Song In My Heart Featured Male Viva Musica Productions
  • Side By Side By Sondheim Man Fighting Chance Productions
  • It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane,
  • It’s Superman Superman/Clark Applause Musicals


  • Sheep Businessman Mirage Makers/Orbital Swap
  • Dreamland of Ocean Francis Chief Eng. China TV
  • Blood Services Voice Over Vietnam Blood Service
  • Alibaba Scientist Alibaba
  • Ali Pay Voice Over Alibaba
  • MG Car Commercial Coach ABC Prod.
  • LA Beat Blue/lead Straight to broadcast Prod.
  • Chiama Mad Dr. Scott Alonzo Prod. (Blood Shots)
  • The Dancing Cop (musical) Cop Crosscurrent/High Deaf/ Bravo
  • Idiots=Product+Money Priest Johnson/Mesidor
  • Take It Easy Uncle Bob Take it Easy Productions
  • The Book of Ruth Actor/Bill The Book of Ruth Prod.T Bauman
  • A Time Bridge of 50 yrs Actor/MP Kyodo/Fuji TV CoPro. Japan
  • Burning Dog Actor/MP Central Arts Prod. Japan


  • Alipay (3 spots) Narrator DAO Video Marketing
  • Jump Magazine Narrator C/A Prod. Children’s Text Books
  • Christopher the
  • Christmas Tree Uncle Delaney and Friends


  • Stocked Max VFS drama
  • The Ballad of Buck Tooth Jordan Swift VFS (musical film)
  • Lion of the North voice VFs (musical film)


  • Scene Study Ben Ratner Studio
  • Embodied Voice Alisa Kort/Richard Armstrong Banff Arts Centre
  • The Max Paula Shaw
  • Acting Diploma Studio 58


Lyric Baritone

Featured Work:

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