Express Yourself Through Voice-over

Scott Gorman

Scott Gorman

Actor, Dad, Builder…Farmer?

An accomplished voice actor, based in Toronto for the last 20 years, Scott tells people that every job he held prior to ‘making it’ in the booth, was in agriculture. Having grown up in the country, that’s pretty much true. His most recent work voicing Bo/Narrator in Industrial Brothers’ “Dino Ranch” has been like comin’ home!

Scott started in animation on Comedy Network’s “Odd Job Jack”. Actually, he was ‘discovered’ at the studio doing funny voices while building a vocal booth and refinishing hardwood floors, thus earning the distinction “the Harrison Ford of voice work”. Since then, he’s contributed to several animated series. Recent credits include the mischievous monkey Baozi in “Kody Kapow” (Jam Filled Toronto), several characters in Snapchat’s “BitmojiTV” and the bully Jesse (and his grandma!) in “Looped” for DHX Media. You’ve also heard Scott on the radio for a decade as “the expert” for Bell Canada. And he’s done a gazillion spots for a bajillion other brands over the years too. On camera, he’s probably best suited to the term “character actor’’ and has appeared most recently on “In the Dark”, “V-Wars”, “Designated Survivor” and “12 Monkeys”.
When he’s not snuggling his youngest fella, or letting his older one chew his ear off about Minecraft, Scott enjoys renovating his house, restoring a 1959 Ford Workmaster tractor, growing veggies, and listening to records with his wife.

Why Voice-over?

A successful voice performance is based on skill, talent, confidence, and preparation. There's no room to fool the audience with cheap tricks, or your good looks. You can't hide behind these things...there's only the script and your voice. To make it work takes courage.

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