Express Yourself Through Voice-over

Shawn Baichoo

Shawn has been acting professionally for almost 25 years, and while he has worked across a variety of media (theatre, stunt fighting and choreography, film, television, motion capture), he’s done especially well at voice work for video games and has had the chance to work on some incredible projects. He voices fan-favourite hacker Wrench in the “Watchdogs” franchise, GIGN operative Lion in “Rainbow Six: Siege”, Miles Upshur in “Outlast”, Blake Langermann in “Outlast 2”, Machiavelli in the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise, as well as hundreds of other characters and NPCs in over 70 video games. He also excels at dubbing, narration, animation, audio books, and commercials.

Why Voice-over?

The incredible freedom to express yourself and your creativity through your voice alone is both a challenge and a reward that I will never grow tired of.

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