Express Yourself Through Voice-over

Tim Ratledge

As an Audio Producer/Engineer in the broadcast radio industry for over 15 years, Tim caught the V.O. bug in 2016 and started his journey. With a giant leap,Tim left the radio profession and ventured into a full time V.O. career in 2019.

Having been the National voice for Alarm Force, spokesman for Air Hogs toys, Earth Fare Organics Supermarket and many other clients, Tim fell in love with V.O. BUT his love of tech was bigger and in 2019 he created V.O. Tech Buddy, where he has helped countless V.O. actors with studio design, audio engineering and audio editing. Working with publishers such as ECW Press in Canada and many narrators, Tim has edited, proofed and mastered over 40 audiobooks that have been distributed on Audible and other audio book platforms.

He lives in Toronto with his lovely wife Becky, 2 children and an old codger of a cat named Pancakes.

Why Voice-over?

Because one day I’m selling you retirement funds and the next I’m yelling at you to DUCK! while a bullet whizzes over your head in a battlefield. Variety, plain and simple.

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