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Start Your Voice-over Career With OTM Toronto Online Training

Start training online from anywhere in the world with On The Mic Training! Learn how to become a professional voice-actor from the comfort of your own home with the most experienced voice-over professionals in North America.

Have you ever thought of being the next voice on a cartoon series or for that next big video game?  Or what about voicing a commercial campaign for your favourite brand – or narrating a nature documentary – or audio book?  The reality is that a large percentage of the voice-over work that you do will be done in your home studio or by a long distance directed session at a studio in your home market. Getting comfortable with this process will only help grow your online career and direct-ability.

These classes use the video conferencing platform ZOOM which will allow instructors to deliver the same curriculum and same hands-on approach that we have in-studio.

Toronto Online Courses

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Online Courses FAQs

Online classes are capped at 8 students and will be delivered using Zoom. Most of our classes begin with a short lecture about the subject for the day. Students will prepare copy for performance in front of the class and be given rounds of feedback and redirection. Students will observe and take notes as students tackle different genres and types of material that is within their range.

For our entry level classes we are not expecting students to have an existing home recording setup or top shelf webcam. If you have a laptop or iPad/tablet with a webcam and microphone built in, that will do just fine. If you already have a USB microphone or home studio setup, great! That just means the instructor may get a better understanding of your voice and delivery.

We encourage you to make a Zoom account and do a test call with a friend using both audio and video to see if your connection is strong enough. If you notice any technical glitches, try moving closer to your wireless router or plugging directly into the router to see if the situation improves.

We host our online classes using Zoom. You can sign up for a free Zoom account in advance of the class, however it is not necessary to have a Zoom membership to join, as you can simply join using your browser by clicking on the ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ link provided.

All times for Toronto-based classes are listed in EST. Most of our classes are in the evenings from 6:30 – 10 pm, but we are also offering weekend classes which start at 10am local time.

Students are encouraged to record their own work locally during class so they can listen back afterward. This can be done by recording on their phone or downloading free software like Audacity and recording themselves during class.

Although we don’t require you to have one, the more you can replicate an in-studio setup, the more effective the class feedback will be. A freestanding microphone allows you to stand up straight and fully engage your body when you perform. A music stand may help to avoid the sound of paper ruffling being picked up by your microphone.

OTM TORONTO services

Book Time with a Toronto Coach

On The Mic offers private voice-over coaching for students who are either preparing for a specific audition, or would like a more customized approach to their ongoing training. If you’re after a career consultation, we can evaluate where you are, what you’re looking for, and the next steps to get there.

Demo Production Toronto

When you make your demo with us, we start with an online demo prep session, scheduled a week prior to your demo record. We write custom scripts to showcase you. Then we move in-studio for the final record. Included in the production is the cost of the studio, engineer, director, as well as the mixing and editing fees.


OTM instructors are some of the most successful voice-over performers in North America, all with internationally recognized careers who are connected to the pulse of the industry and understand that voice-over is a fashionable business. Students are taught in a way that most resembles the expectations of the industry to mirror what it’s like to be a professional voice-over performer.


Paul Bates


Lyon Smith


Laurence Dean Ifill


Graeme Spicer


Ivan Sherry


Marie Ward (Brandi)


Brian Froud


Linda Ballantyne


Naomi Snieckus


Kim Hurdon


Craig Mason


Joanne Boreham


Cory Doran


Melissa Altro


Krystal Meadows


Heather Bambrick


Mike Tobin

Scott Gorman

Scott Gorman


Ellen Dubin


Darryl Hogan


Helen King

Steph Lynn Robinson

Steph Lynn Robinson


Stéphanie Broschart


Caroly Larson

Rick Miller

Rick Miller


Melody Klassen

Susan Roman

Susan Roman


Nicole Stamp


John Fleming


Matt Folliott


Tim Ratledge


Aven Shore


Ted Sutton


Leigh Cameron


Carlos Diaz


Amos Crawley

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